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LIFT Wallet

  • What is a LIFT Wallet‚ and how does it work?+

    A LIFT Wallet is a secure‚ electronic Wallet linked to your Customer or Agent Profile. Credits are instantly deposited into your LIFT Wallet.

    LIFT Wallet Credits can be used as a form of payment to purchase flights‚ extras and/or an upgrade to LIFT Premium!

  • How to check/access your LIFT wallet+

    Log in to your customer profile on the LIFT website (top right of the homepage).

    Click on your name on the top left after logging in to see your Wallet Balance.

    You'll see your balance just below the “welcome” heading

    You'll have the option to pay using your LIFT wallet at the end of any booking process. Just make sure you’re logged into your customer profile beforehand.

    It’s essential to log in using the same email address as the one used for your booking(s).

    If you're not sure of the password‚ you can reset this by following the login screen prompts.

    Please note that LIFT Wallet credits are valid for 12 months and can be used for any passenger or extra services.