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Kids Save 30%

on all flights

Make the most of your family time with discounted fares for LIFT kids.

Automatically save 30% on the base fare for kids under 12 and only pay airport taxes for infants under 2 - all year round! That's right‚ as a standard LIFT offering‚ we've got your family covered with lower fares for littlies.

The discount automatically applies when making a booking on the LIFT website.

Learn more about LIFT kids discounts and fares.


  • All LIFT Littles can look forward to a free activity book and crayons‚ to keep busy during the flight.
  • When making a booking‚ pre-seat your family free of charge to ensure your family can sit together onboard.
  • For a small extra fee‚ you can also pre-book our front-of-plane section seats or easier boarding and disembarking.
  • All LIFT Littles get the same baggage allowance as adults‚ up to 23kg per bag‚ when booking either Economy Bag or Premium fares.
  • Download our LIFT Littles Spotify playlist for more inflight entertainment.

T&Cs Apply.

  • Free seats available in rows 15 - 28
  • Pre-paid seats available in rows 5 - 10
  • Children under 12 and travellers carrying an infant are not allowed to be seated in the Emergency Exit rows 10 - 14 and 29.
LIFT Kids Disney Activity Pack