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LIFT Wallet Top-up

Save up to 10%

With a LIFT Wallet‚ you are able to top-up your Wallet ballance for future travel starting from as little as R500. We offer two types of top-ups‚ namely the LIFT Wallet Top-up - Standard and LIFT Wallet Top-up - Saver.⁣

With our LIFT Wallet Top-up Saver‚ the more you Top-up‚ the more you save!


Wallet Top-Up



How to top-up your LIFT Wallet

  1. Login with your LIFT customer profile
  2. Select the Top-up deal above that suits your needs
  3. Select continue
  4. Follow the payment prompts and make payment
  5. The funds will be automatically added to your LIFT Wallet‚ which you can use towards flights‚ extras like baggage and seats or Premium upgrades.


Learn more about the LIFT Wallet and LIFT customer profile.