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Baggage Policy

Customise your travel experience with LIFT by selecting the fare option suites your baggage requirements. Opt for a streamlined approach on business trips or indulge in packing those extra essentials for your family getaway.

Below is a breakdown of the LIFT fares baggage allowance options:

Economy - No Bag

  • 1 x 7kg Hand baggage
  • No Checked baggage

Economy bag

  • 1 x 7kg Hand baggage
  • 1 x 23kg Checked baggage


  • 2 x 7kg Hand baggage
  • 2 x 23kg Checked baggage
  • 1 x 23kg Special/Sporting Equipment

Baggage Dimensions

Checked baggage

  • Max 90cm x 75cm x 43cm
  • Max 23kg

Hand baggage

  • 56cm x 36cm x 23cm
  • Max 7kg

Sporting Equipment and Musical Instruments

Sporting and Musical equipment is considered part of your baggage allowance as per the fare you have purchased and must comply with the checked baggage restrictions.

When travelling with Sporting equipment or musical instruments‚ please note that the below baggage allowance and restrictions will apply:

Economy - No Bag

Not included

Economy Bag

Not included if you have a checked bag as well as sporting equipment and /or music instrument


1 x 23kg item for sporting equipment and /or music instrument


If you're travelling with a checked bag for clothing and personal items and you are also travelling with a golf bag or guitar:

  • Economy No Bag Fare - Purchase two checked bags when travelling
  • Economy Bag Fare - Purchase one additional checked bag when travelling
  • LIFT Premium Fare - Both items are included as checked baggage


The max dimensions of any sporting or music equipment may not exceed 200cm x 80cm x 75cm or 23 kg. Any equipment larger than the prescribed sizing and weight may incur a Heavy Bag charge‚ or depending on the size and weight of the item it will need to be couriered to your destination.

Additional checked baggage can be purchased online twenty four (24) hours before departure or at the airport on the day of departure.

Heavy Bags

Bags between 23 kg - 32 kg are considered Heavy Bags. If a bag weighs between 23 kg and 32 kg at check-in‚ a fee of R200 will be levied at the Airport. Checked bags may not weigh more than 32 kg.

Bags weighing more than 32kgs will need to be sent via cargo and will be for your own expense.

Dangerous Goods

When flying with LIFT‚ your safety and security is always our top priority. To ensure you enjoy a safe journey‚ please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the Dangerous Goods items below to understand which items are allowed on board and which are not.

The icons below indicates which goods are allowed as hand baggage or checked baggage and which are prohibited on board our flights

Items Not permitted onboard

The following items are not permitted on board the aircraft either on person‚ in hand luggage‚ or checked-in baggage.

Permitted onboard (Checked baggage)

The following items are only permitted on board the aircraft in checked-in baggage.

Permitted onboard (Hand baggage)

The following items are only permitted on board the aircraft in hand baggage.

Permitted onboard (On person)

The following items are only permitted on board the aircraft on person.