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On Board

  • What Food and Drinks do you offer?+

    UPDATE: To comply with the latest Covid-19 regulations‚ we have Temporarily Suspended our In-Flight Service Offering

    Our morning travellers will be served a range of tea‚ hot chocolates‚ juice and water as well as fresh coffee by Vida e Cafe. Rusks and Jungle Oats are also on offer.

    Afternoon travellers can enjoy a selection of wines‚ gins‚ hot beverages‚ juice and water as well as a light snack.

    All onboard snacks and drinks are complimentary and subject to change. Our onboard service operation also depends on COVID-19 restrictions and may be paused during certain periods for your safety.

    We regrettably do not cater special meals for diabetic passengers. If needed‚ passengers are kindly requested to make their own arrangement.

  • Are Pets allowed to fly with LIFT?+

    We know that your four-legged friends are a part of the family. That’s why we’ve created a unique offering for our travellers to fly onboard selected LIFT flights‚ with their small dogs. Your dog will now be able to travel in a pet-friendly carry bag placed under the seat in front of you.

    Each dog needs to be accompanied by an adult passenger and must travel in an approved purpose-built soft-case dog carrier bag that will be placed under the seat in front of you.

    For those of you that aren’t pet fanatics or have allergies - not to worry! A maximum of two dogs are allowed to travel on selected flights and a rigorous cleaning schedule is conducted in between flights. View our dog-friendly flight schedule below.

  • What are the rules for transporting weapons??+

    In line with all legal requirements and safety protocols‚ together with Securitas and Aviation Security (AVSEC) who provide high-quality aviation security services to ensure compliance‚ LIFT accommodates passengers’ personal firearms‚ ammunition or weapons for hunting and sporting purposes only.

    Firearms (weapons) and ammunition must be carried separately and will not be allowed as hand baggage in the aircraft cabin. LIFT will only accept such items as checked baggage.

    Passengers who want to travel with a firearm need to contact the Customer Support Desk ( a minimum of 48-hours prior to departure in order for their request to be reviewed.