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  • Hand Baggage+

    Our economy brands includes one free item of hand baggage and our premium brand includes two free items of hand baggage that weighs no more than 7kgs and may not exceed the following dimensions: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm

    What items can I take with me into the cabin‚ in addition to my hand baggage?

    You can also bring along a slimline laptop bag and handbag. Airport security will require all laptops to be removed from their pockets and placed through the scanner separately.

    Why do I sometimes have to give up my hand baggage during boarding?

    Space onboard the aircraft is minimal and often used up very quickly. We may place some of the larger hand baggage into the baggage holds to comply with weight and space regulations. Be sure to remove all valuable items from your hand baggage. The bags will be marked with a clear sticker indicating that it is a VIB (“Very Important Baggage”) item‚ and our team will make sure that it’s ready and waiting for you outside the craft on arrival.

  • Checked Baggage+

    How do I qualify for a checked baggage allowance?

    We have introduced Fare Brands which means you can now choose the fare that suits your travel needs. Our differentiated fare brands are Economy -Bag and Economy - No Bag as well as our Premium brand.

    LIFT - Fare Type - Baggage Allowances

    Can I buy additional checked bags?

    You can purchase additional checked baggage via the Manage Booking path on Choose between single checked bags or make use of our discounted baggage bundles. Fees table

    Please Note:

    The allowance per checked bag is 23kg‚ and the maximum number of checked bags bookable online is limited to three per passenger.

    A checked bag may weigh up to 23kgs and must not exceed the following dimensions: 90cm x 75cm x 43cm.

    If more than three checked bags are required‚ the additional pieces can be purchased at the airport on the day of departure.

    When traveling with an Infant‚ the accompanying adult may take the following times‚ free of charge‚ as hold baggage to the aircraft:


    Car seats/carriers

    All items will be tagged at the check-in counters or at the aircraft prior to embarking the aircraft.

  • Can I use a car seat for my child onboard?+

    Children under 2 years (0 to 24 months) at the time of travel may be seated in a car seat provided that:

    The car seat has a sturdy and connected frame..

    The seat allows both quick and easy securing and release of the child.

    The seat must have a single release harness with straps a minimum of 25mm wide that can secure the child’s lap‚ torso and shoulders.

    When seated in the car seat‚ the child should not be able to release the harness themselves..

  • Heavy Bags+

    Checked bags weighing between 23kgs and 32kgs will incur a Heavy Bag fee.

    Checked bags may not weigh more than 32kgs as this is against Health and Safety protocols.

    Bags weighing more than 32kgs will need to be sent via cargo and will be for your own expense

  • Sports Equipment+

    Sporting equipment items are considered part of the purchased checked baggage allowance and need to comply with the same weight and size restrictions.

    Example: If you’re travelling with one bag of clothing and one golf bag‚ you’d need to purchase two checked baggage pieces.

  • Can I travel with a musical instrument?+

    If you need to transport musical instruments‚ we can check them in for you as extra baggage. If you have a bag and an instrument to check-in‚ you’ll need to buy two pieces of baggage.

    Please note that LIFT will not accept any liability in the event of loss or damage. The weight and size dimensions are the same as that of checked baggage. Should your instrument be bigger than the size of our checked baggage dimension‚ please contact to discuss alternate arrangements.

    Our Support team are here to Comment start make the journey stress-free for both you & your instrument.

  • Where do I drop off my bags?+

    You can drop off your bags at any of our LIFT check-in counters at the airport. Our Premium Travellers can drop their bags at the dedicated Premium Check-in counters at the airport.

  • Are there liquid restrictions when travelling on LIFT?+

    Due to the nature of baggage handling‚ we don’t recommend travelling with liquids and glass bottles. LIFT will not accept any liability for loss or damages incurred to these items.

    Toiletry items like aerosol and perfumes are limited to 1 litre per passenger‚ and each item may not exceed 500ml.

    Please take special note that the above nature items may not exceed 100ml per item for passengers travelling on Regional and International flights and must be carried in a clear package.

  • Lost or Damaged Baggage+

    What do I do when my baggage is lost or damaged?

    In the unlikely event that your baggage is lost or damaged‚ kindly report it immediately upon arrival to LIFT staff. All claims will be handled in strict accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

    LIFT discourages our travellers to use hard shell bags‚ as such bags are generally not designed to withstand the stacking procedures followed when loading baggage into an aircraft. These types of bags are prone to suffer damage as a result of the weight exerted on it. Use of such hard shell bags shall be at the risk of the traveller and LIFT does not accept any liability for any damage resulting from the use of such bags.

    LIFT will furthermore not accept liability for damage or loss of protruding parts such as wheels‚ straps‚ pull-handles or other items that are attached to baggage‚ or items lost as a result of poorly packed baggage.

  • Dangerous Goods+

    When flying with LIFT‚ your safety and security is always our top priority. To ensure you a safe journey‚please take a moment to go through the questionnaire and information sheet below. This information sheet will detail which goods are allowed and which are prohibited on board our flights.

    Dangerous Goods