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Terms & Conditions

1. As used in these Terms and Conditions

1.1 "we"‚ "our"‚ "ourselves"‚ "us" and 'LIFT' means LIFT operated by Global Aviation Operations (Pty) Ltd.

1.2 "you"‚ "your"‚ "yourself" and "passenger" means any person to be carried on our aircraft‚ with our consent.

2. Your itinerary/receipt together with these Terms and Conditions‚ our Conditions of Contract and our Conditions of Carriage‚ constitutes your ticket for all legal‚ regulatory and contractual purposes. A copy of our General Conditions of Carriage and General Conditions of Contract is available on our website or on request from us. It is important that you read these conditions as they contain clauses which limit our liability for loss or damage.

3.  When making a reservation online‚ you have 15 minutes to complete your reservation and effect payment‚ failing which the reservation will time-out and automatically cancel after which a new booking will have to be made. LIFT cannot guarantee that the same flight and fare will be available when attempting to make a new flight reservation. Payment for a ticket must be made at the time of reservation. Debit or Credit cards (MasterCard‚ Visa)‚ EFT payments (OZOW) or LIFT Wallets will be accepted for Internet reservations. Cash‚ debit or credit card payments as well as LIFT Wallet payments will be accepted at the airports.

4.  The Change Flight functionality allows flight and date changes and will apply to all passengers in the booking. If you would like to assess what the cost of a date or flight change will be provided for the new dates selected and the amount displayed indicates the difference in fare that will need to be paid. The change will only take affect if you click the continue button after the availability search. If you do not wish to continue with the change‚ please select the “Return to My Booking” button. If the “Complete Payment” button is selected the original flight is cancelled.

5. Check-in desks will open 120 (one hundred and twenty) minutes before the scheduled time of departure of your flight. We strongly advise passengers to check in 120 (one-twenty) minutes before flight departure. Check-in desks close 45 (forty-five) minutes prior to scheduled departure.

5.1 Should you fail to check in within the allocated time prior to scheduled departure or board at the stipulated time‚ we cannot accept you for travel (no-show passenger) and you will forfeit your seat as well as the fare that is allocated to that leg of your flight reservation. A no-show passenger is not entitled to a refund for the value of the flight missed. Your return or onward flight segments will not be cancelled and will retain their value which may be rebooked upon request. Depending on the type of ticket initially purchased‚ you may incur an amendment fee plus the difference in price and taxes between the new and old ticket.

6.  We suggest that you rebook your flight at least 1 hour prior to the departure of your flight in order to avoid your flights being cancelled.

7.  You must be at the boarding gate 30 (thirty) minutes prior to departure. Boarding gates close 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Any person who arrives after the boarding gate has closed will forfeit their seat and no refund will be provided.

8.  If the airline cancels a scheduled flight‚ subject to applicable South African legislation‚ we reserve the right to either carry you on one of our earlier or later flights or an alternative airline or to fully refund all money paid without any further liability to you‚ unless a force majeure event occurs. We will make you aware of any schedule changes prior to the original scheduled flight.

8.1 Once you have made a reservation‚ that reservation may be changed to a different flight on the basis as set out in this Article:

8.1.1 Change of flight reservations must be made no less than 60 (sixty) minutes before the scheduled departure time of the original flight booked.

8.1.2 Changes made within 24 hours of original departure time will incur a standard amendment fee.

8.1.3 In addition to possibly having to pay an amendment fee you will have to pay any difference between the fare and the taxes on the original flight booked and the available fare and taxes (if applicable) on the new flight requested.

8.1.4 Passenger name changes will be permitted on flights and a change fee will be applicable should the request be made within 24 hours of departure of the booked flight.

8.1.5 Payments for a change of flight reservation must be processed through our website or at our airport ticket desk‚ using a credit card or any combination of payment options listed on our website payment page.

9. Acceptance of the number of passengers with special needs per flight is limited. We must be advised of special needs requirements no later than 48 hours prior to departure via our Customer Support Desk. Passengers who have advised our Customer Support Desk of their special needs‚ such as wheelchair requirements‚ which have been accepted by us‚ shall not be refused carriage..

9.1 We are unable to accept those passengers with a level of disability which requires the presence of a Care Assistant‚ unless a Care Assistant is travelling to accompany the passenger.

9.2 We will accept unaccompanied minors for travel (children between the ages of 5 and 11)‚ with prior arrangement via our Customer Support Desk.

9.3 Children under 12 years of age cannot travel without an adult aged 16 years or older who must take responsibility for the child

9.4 Infants under the age of 2 years (on the date of travel) must sit on an accompanying adult's lap. All infants over the age of 2 years (on the date of travel) must sit in their own seat‚ duly booked and paid for.

9. All fares include a free item of hand baggage that weighs no more than 7kgs and may not exceed dimensions of 56cm (L) + 36cm (W) + 23cm(H).

10.1 You are allowed a handbag and/or laptop in addition to the one piece of hand luggage allowed.

10.2 Depending on the fare purchased‚ your booking may either include one free piece of checked baggage or you can add checked baggage items to your cart.

10.2.1 You can add additional checked baggage to an existing booking online via the manage booking functionality.

10.2.2 If checked baggage was not added during or after the online booking process‚ you can purchase additional or heavy checked baggage at the airport.

10.3 Each piece of checked baggage must not exceed 23kg with maximum dimensions of 208cm (90cm (L) + 75cm (W) + 43cm (H).

10.4 Any bag that weighs more than 23kg‚ but not more than 32kg will be subject to a heavy bag fee at the airport.

10.5 Once additional checked baggage has been paid for‚ it is only refundable as a LIFT credit (linked to the Customers LIFT Wallet)‚ if the request is submitted at least 3 hours prior to checking in for your flight.

10.6 Sporting equipment items are considered part of the purchased checked baggage allowance.

10.7 Infants who share a seat with an adult are entitled to a free collapsible pushchair and a child car seat. These items will be tagged at the check-in counters and may be taken to the baggage hold of the aircraft at no charge.

10.8 Should you carry more than the onboard baggage allowance‚ this will be removed from you prior to boarding and you will be required to check these items in; this may be subject to an additional bag charge. If this is removed from you at boarding‚ you may be off-loaded from the flight in order to facilitate the check-in of this additional baggage. Any additional travel cost will be at your expense. Dangerous articles (such as compressed gases‚ corrosives‚ explosives‚ flammable liquids and solids‚ radioactive materials‚ oxidising materials‚ poisons and infectious substances) must not be carried in baggage. Ask us if you are unsure about what items are regarded as dangerous.

11. Subject to South African legislation‚ we do not provide meal vouchers‚ or hotel accommodation in the event of flight cancellations.

12. We do carry personal firearms‚ ammunition or weapons for hunting and sporting purposes from time to time. Kindly reach out to our Customer Support Desk ( for the latest updates.

13. We do carry live animals (small dogs only) in the cabin on selected flights‚ including guide dogs or emotional support animals accompanying passengers with disabilities. See our Conditions of Carriage for passenger and baggage for further details with regard to the carriage of animals. The acceptance of the aforementioned animals is dependent on the submission of forms‚ documents and approval by the Customer Support Desk

14. We make every effort to accommodate passengers who have a confirmed reservation. Rarely‚ a passenger may not be accommodated at check-in for a flight for which a passenger has a confirmed reservation. Should such an occasion arise‚ an affected passenger will‚ subject to applicable South African legislation‚ be able to choose to be carried on a later flight operated by us or an alternative airline or be refunded that portion of the journey not made.

15. While you may be assigned a seat‚ we cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit in any particular seat. We reserve the right to change your seat at any time‚ even after you have boarded the aircraft‚ as we may need to do this for operational‚ comfort‚ safety or security reasons.

16. A free-on-board catering snack may be provided on our flights.

17.  All carriage is offered by us in accordance with our Conditions of Contract and subject to our Conditions of Carriage for passengers and baggage from time to time in force. If there is any conflict between these Terms and Conditions‚ Conditions of Carriage‚ regulations‚ confirmation notices and our Conditions of Carriage for passenger and baggage‚ our Conditions of Carriage for passenger and baggage shall prevail.