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A message from LIFT Co-Founder

Welcome to South Africa’s brand new airline.

Many think it’s crazy starting an airline in these times. We think it’s the best time ever.

The outdated supply-driven‚ high-debt airline model needs to change. Among many other things‚ Covid has proven that it’s simply not a sustainable approach. Instead‚ it’s time for a demand-driven business model. One that’s super-efficient‚ leverages off record low input costs and is both agile and flexible.

But most importantly‚ one that is customer-obsessed. The industry has become overly rule-bound and rigid and customers need to be placed back at the centre of all decisions. It's been a tough time in the country and across the world and we all need a little relief. The service industry is just the place to start. 

Our mission is to demonstrate that South Africa can compete with the best while keeping customers at the centre of our operations. And‚ we know we can do it. We live in the most magnificent country with an abundance of talented‚ special people. What more could we need to make it happen?

Welcome to LIFT.

Gidon Novick - Co-Founder

Introducing Flexible Air Travel

 Living in these uncertain times makes it super difficult to plan our lives‚ let alone our travels. When it comes to keeping up with life’s unexpected detours‚ the last thing anyone needs is unnecessary admin or costs. 

Welcome to flexible air travel from LIFT. And no‚ we’re not just talking about selecting your seats or baggage preferences. We’re talking about the stuff that really counts. 

Flights can be changed multiple times or cancelled to a credit into your LIFT wallet. Changes made 24 hours or more in advance‚ come at no additional fees or penalties. If the fare for your newly selected flight is higher‚ you’ll just need to pay the difference. If it’s lower‚ we'll credit you. Need to change traveller name details? No problem. No charge. 

Oh and if you arrive early for your flight‚ don’t hang around the airport for endless hours. Check in with us to see if we have any earlier flights with availability. If we do‚ we’ll take you home early at no added cost.

Welcome to Flexible Air Travel.


We can’t truly be customer-focused without being people-focused. So naturally‚ it all starts with the people at LIFT HQ. 

We’re excited to work with a dynamic mix of industry stalwarts‚ independents‚ fresh-thinkers and expert leadership. Jonathan Ayache‚ a co-founder of LIFT‚ was previously the Head of Operations for Uber in Sub Saharan Africa. This gives us the added advantage of Uber-thinking operations that consider every detail of the journey. Of course‚ we’ve also got co-founder Gidon Novick‚ with his wealth of aviation experience and expertise. 

 The current state of the airline industry has resulted in thousands of talented and experienced people being available.  We’ve been fortunate to onboard a group of truly special and talented people‚ to help us build this new airline. Every single person on the team has high energy levels‚ a can-do attitude and a customer-focused‚ problem-solving ability. Having these kinds of people within our fold can only lead to good things! 

PS: At the moment‚ we’ve managed to fill all our vacancies and aren’t recruiting any new hires. But when career opportunities do open up at LIFT‚ we promise you’ll be the first to know! 


LIFT - Operated by Global Aviation Operations (Pty) LTD t/a Global Airways - will make use of a fleet of 4th generation Airbus A320 aircraft. 

The A320 is one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in the skies‚ with full fly-by-wire digital control systems and glass cockpit display technology. It’s fitted with the most modern safety systems onboard including a Flight Envelope Protection System and a Category 3B Auto-land certification‚ allowing for safe landings in poor visibility conditions. 

The fleet has been in operation at Global for the past six years servicing both global and local airlines. These robust machines are ideal for conditions in the South African market. The fleet is maintained in accordance with Airbus’ Stringent Fleet Management Program.  

If you’re not an aviation techie and all this sounds a bit like mumbo-jumbo‚ that’s cool. All you need to know is that our planes are strong‚ secure and advanced. Did we mention that its wide cabin offers a more spacious domestic travel experience? Win! 


 As airline people‚ there are some things we do really well and others...not so well. We know how to handle the aircraft‚ but food and fashion? Not so much. 

That’s why we’re partnering with the best in the business across operations‚ to improve the experience for both our customers and our crew. LIFT ground and cabin crew will be kitted out by leading online fashion retailer‚ Superbalist.‚ keeping them looking and feeling great. And when it comes to inflight catering‚ we’ve linked arms with Vida e Caffe for real coffee and snacks. Travellers on evening flights will even be treated to a wine-tasting‚ featuring a selection of South Africa’s top wineries.

And that is just the start! 

Why Lift?

In a nutshell - optimism. 

 The name LIFT is the brainchild of eight creative South Africans who participated in the country’s largest-ever naming competition‚ where over 25‚000 suggested names were received. Apart from capturing the marvel of the physics of flying‚ the name encapsulates a view of the world and our beautiful country.  

The winners will be enjoying free flights on LIFT and will also have their names inscribed on LIFT’s first aircraft!


Global Aviation

 Global has been a reliable lessor of aircraft to local and International airlines for decades. Global holds a local Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and is a licensed domestic operator.  Global is a fully integrated aviation company with in-house maintenance‚ crew training and flight operations.  Global is also EASA certified‚ allowing it to operate in the European Union.

Kulula founder Gidon Novick and his Cape Town based team have partnered with Global to provide the commercial‚ marketing and customer service expertise to LIFT.

 “We’ve been an agile support service to airlines around the world for 20 years. LIFT is a natural extension into the local airline industry. The collaboration with Gidon and his team allows us to focus on safe and reliable flight operations while leveraging off their commercial experience and expertise. They are obsessed with building a customer service culture. The team has really come together beautifully.”

 Quentin Tomaselli‚ CEO of Global Aviation.