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ADJUSTED LEVEL 4 Travel Information Update

Travel Information

Following the announcement made on 27 June 2021 by President Ramaphosa implementing an adjusted Level 4 state effective today‚ Monday 28 June 2021‚ LIFT would like to share the following information:

1. Flight operations will continue but some schedule adjustments will be necessary. All affected customers will be notified via SMS and email using the information provided at the time of booking.

2. Owing to the fact that leisure travel in and out of Gauteng is prohibited‚ the following adjustments have been implemented immediately:

We have temporarily waived the penalty fees that normally apply within 24 hours to departure for Cancellations and Flight Changes.

A difference in fare might apply for Flight Changes.

For Cancellations‚ full refunds to the LIFT Wallet will be processed.

In response to the Adjusted Lockdown Level 4 requirements‚ Interprovincial travel for leisure to and from Gauteng is prohibited:

Travel to and from Gauteng is only permitted for:

Business Travel

Persons transiting through Gauteng

Persons transiting through Gauteng

Transportation of Human Remains

Attendance of a funeral in our out of Gauteng

Learners commuting to and from school or higher institutions on a daily basis

Moving to a new place of residence

Caring for an immediate family member

Oversight responsibilities by members of Parliament

Obtaining medical treatment

Returning to place of residence

Forms to be completed:

All forms can be found on the Government Gazette (Government Gazette and Forms)

As we are experiencing high contact volumes‚ we would like to encourage all our customers to self-service their travel and booking requirements by visiting our website (

  • How to change a booking online+

    1. Go to

    2. Select Manage Booking

    3. Insert your LIFT Booking Reference (this starts with 385) as well as one of the surnames in the booking.

    4. Your booking will now be displayed on the website

    5. Select Rebook

    6. This action will prompt you to select which flight needs to be changed

    7. Select your new preferred date by using the calendar

    8. Select your new preferred flight time.

    9. You will now be directed to the Payment page where the necessary payment (if applicable) needs to be made.

    10. After payment has been made‚ an updated flight confirmation document will be emailed to you.

  • How to cancel and refund into your LIFT Wallet online+

    1. If you haven’t flown either leg of your trip yet‚ you can cancel your entire booking online.

    2. Visit and click “manage booking” on the homepage. Enter the booking reference number found on your confirmation email (starting with 385)‚ and your surname OR login to your customer profile on the top left-hand side of the homepage.

    3. Here‚ you'll be able to see upcoming trips. Select “CANCEL BOOKING”.

Important to note:

Drop a mail to if:

If you’ve already taken your outbound flight and need to cancel your return flight.

Where more than one traveller in the same reservation is booked and only one of the travellers need to be cancelled.

We’ll credit the value of the cancelled flights to your LIFT Wallet. Please note that no penalty fees will apply and the full value of the unused tickets will be credited back to you. All LIFT Wallet credits are valid for 12 months and can be used on any LIFT flight‚ service and name changes are also allowed.